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Are you searching for the perfect Arabic course to learn the language? Interested in the Arabic alphabet? Or just looking for some phrases or lessons? This website contains many useful resources that will help you whatever your interest in the Arabic language.

To start, try our free Basic Arabic Course, that contains lessons on all the essential grammar and vocabulary to get you started on your journey towards Arabic fluency.

Arabic can be a difficult language to learn, but with the right resources and information you will progress much faster than you thought possible. So, learn a few letters today, or look at some phrases to make sure you can make yourself understood in the Middle East and at your local Arab restaurant.

For a more thorough approach check out our reviews of the most popular Arabic courses and our recommendations.

On these pages you can find information on Arabic dialects, such as Egyptian, Syrian and Moroccan Arabic. There is also more to find out about the language itself, grammar or the alphabet.

Below are the courses we recommend:

Arabic Dialect Courses

Rocket Arabic Pros Cons
Rocket Arabic
  • practical language skills
  • real Egyptian Arabic
  • fun lessons
  • audio, transcripts and PC software

  • doesn't teach writing
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Pimsleur Arabic Pros Cons
Pimsleur Eastern Arabic Pimsleur Egyptian Arabic
  • real spoken Arabic
  • easy to follow
  • all audio method
  • consistent results

  • pricey
  • doesn't teach writing
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy Pimsleur Arabic (Egyptian)
Buy Pimsleur Arabic (Eastern)

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Modern Standard Arabic Courses

Arabic Genie Pros Cons
Arabic Genie
  • learn Arabic script in fastest time possible
  • no rote memorization
  • cheap
  • fun exercsises
  • great bonus (FSI Arabic) with 17 h audio

  • doesn't teach colloquial dialects
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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"The Magic Key To The Arabic Alphabet"

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Don't forget that learning a language takes dedication and patience. We wish you the best success on your journey to learn Arabic!